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Project selection procedure

Generation of projects

The process of creating project ideas and their further development is a vital part of the programme implementation, which should ensure a sufficient number of good quality projects that cover all the programme regions, priorities and measures. The important rule to follow during the generation of projects is to fulfil the fundamental requirements of the programme, which consists in ensuring cross-border effects of the planned operations. Throughout the whole process of the project preparation, the programme implementation structures shall provide the support to the potential applicants. The JMA, JTS with the Branch Offices are responsible for diffusion of information about the programme and promotion of partnership building.

The Joint Technical Secretariat organises the call for proposals and is responsible for a sufficient dissemination of information regarding the submission of the applications as well as regarding any measures related to publicity. Upon decision of the JMA, it may be possible to submit the project proposals not only to the Joint Technical Secretariat in Warsaw, but also to the Branch Offices. These applications will be registered and forwarded to the JTS in Warsaw.

Assessment of applications and project selection criteria.

All applications are subject to an administrative check, a verification of eligibility and a quality assessment. During the administrative check it is assessed whether the application satisfies all the criteria mentioned in the relevant checklist. The aim of the verification of the eligibility is to give the answer for the following questions:

  • are the applicant and partners eligible under the programme and the call for proposals,
  • are the project's actions eligible,
  • are the project costs eligible.

An administrative check and the verification of eligibility is carried out by the Joint Technical Secretariat, under the supervision of the JMA. The results of an administrative check and the verification of eligibility will be reviewed by the evaluation committee. The quality assessment of the applications is organised by the JTS and is carried out by the evaluation committee on the basis of a set of unified selection and award criteria and an evaluation grid, which shall be approved by the JMC. During the quality assessment the following aspects will, inter alia, be verified:

  • cross-border dimension of the project;
  • chosen project strategy, activities and their outputs to meet programme objectives;
  • environmental sustainability (the projects with negative impact on environment cannot receive funding within the programme);
  • long-term project durability (organisational, financial, etc);
  • budget and economic evaluation of the project (efficient use of allocated funds and value for money);
  • quality of the partnership and Beneficiary's (Lead partner's) capacities.

A more detailed list of all project selection criteria will be prepared by the JMA and approved by the Joint Monitoring Committee. The quality assessment is carried out by the evaluation committees. The works of the evaluation committee are chaired by the JMA and organised by the JTS, which fulfils the role of the secretariat of the evaluation committee (in accordance with PRAG provisions concerning the evaluation committee for grants). Project proposals are evaluated by an evaluation committee appointed by the Joint Monitoring Committee comprising a non-voting Chairperson, a non-voting Secretary and an odd number of voting members (minimum of three). The voting members must possess the technical and administrative capacities necessary to give an informed opinion on the proposals. The access to the applications may be assured through the secure website system available for the members of the evaluation committee. After the applications were assessed the members of the committee gather for the final meeting, which is chaired by the representative of the JMA. Secretarial functions are performed by the JTS staff.

Final choice of applications

The evaluation committee prepares an evaluation report including a scoring list and submits it to the Joint Monitoring Committee. The evaluation committee may, when recommending a project, indicate a list of minor corrections to be made to the proposal.
The Joint Monitoring Committee will take the final decision on the projects to be funded. No project proposal failing to pass the quality assessment threshold may be approved to be financed.
If the Joint Monitoring Committee decides not to follow all or part of the recommendations of the evaluation committee, it shall explain its decision in writing. The decision shall then be sent via the Joint Managing Authority to the Commission for prior approval. The Commission communicates its opinion to the Joint Managing Authority within 15 working days. If no opinion of the Commission is communicated to the JMA within 15 working days, the JMC decision is deemed to be approved by the Commission.

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