Lithuania-Poland-Russia ENPI Cross-border Cooperation Programme 2007-2013
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The INTERREG IIIA/Neighbourhood Programme for Lithuania, Poland and the Russian Federation's Kaliningrad Region (2004-2006) is a precursor of this Programme. Six Calls for Proposals (CfP) were launched under the INTERREG IIIA/Neighbourhood Programme. The two first calls were only INTERREG ones. The last call was organised only for TACIS projects. More than 350 proposals were submitted. Most of these - more than 35% - were received from the Polish Warmińsko-Mazurskie region. On the Lithuanian side, the Alytus county was the most active - ca 9% of proposals. 162 projects were approved for contracting. 71 projects addressing Priority 1 (Competitiveness and productivity growth of the cooperation area through development of cross border infrastructure and border security, economic and scientific/technological cooperation) were contracted, and 91 addressing Priority 2 (Contribution to the cooperation between populations, socio-cultural integration and the labour market).

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The Lithuania – Poland – Russia Programme
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