Lithuania-Poland-Russia ENPI Cross-border Cooperation Programme 2007-2013
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A horizontal priority within the Programme devoted to people to people cooperation will be implemented through the micro projects.
Microprojects may have the following forms:

  • a limited number of projects (up to 10 for each call for proposal) will be managed directly by the JMA in a form of micro projects; if the capacity of the JMA allows it is possible to manage more micro projects directly,
  • umbrella projects or projects comprising a re-granting element (re-granting procedure in accordance with Section 6.2.11 of PRAG). This is a project in which there is one beneficiary (Lead Partner) and many other partners. The partners implement a specified part of a project (so called microprojects). All the activities of the microprojects within an umbrella project must form a globally coherent project with common objectives. The activities of the microproject must be described in the project proposal for the project. The minimum and maximum budget of an umbrella project will be decided by the Joint Managing Authority. Umbrella projects with a budget over 350 000 Euros will be encouraged.

    As far as the re-granting element of a larger project is concerned, the beneficiary and its partners (they are responsible for preparation of this joint project) cannot subgrant all or majority of the project activities. The re-granting cannot be the primary aim of the actions. The maximum amount of financial support that could be paid to third parties by a beneficiary amounts to 100 000 euro with a maximum of 10 000 euro per each third party. The main difference between umbrella projects and those comprising re-granting element is that within the re-granting part only planned activities and not partners are known at the moment of submission of a project (in case of umbrella projects both partners and activities are already identified at the moment of applying).

    Only beneficiaries (Lead Partners) with experience in the management of EU projects and located in the Programme area can be responsible for the management of umbrella projects and the projects with a re-granting element.

The Lithuania – Poland – Russia Programme
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