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Planning the projects

Q: Is it necessary to put the name of the audit firm at the level of projects submission?
No. The applicant is only obliged to envisage the audit costs in the budget at the level of projects submission. The applicant is not obliged to indicate the name o the audit firm that will carry out the control.

Q: Is it obligatory for Applicants/ partners to assume the costs for Expenditure verification (audit) (Annex B: Budget, point 5.3)? 
According to the Guidelines for Grant Applicants (Section 2.1.4) every project partner must envisage in the Application Form (Annex B) costs of external verification as eligible costs of the project. These costs are eligible. The verification will be executed by external auditors.
Audit shall be performed before submission of request for payment, (except the first installment), so it means 2 or 3 times per project, depending on the payment scheme which will be agreed on between the Contracting Authority and Beneficiary. Detailed information concerning expenditure verification are available at Annex VII Special Conditions Grant Contract - Expenditure Verification).

Q: Can the costs of preparation of the project Application form be reimbursed?
According to the Guidelines for Grant Applicants, Section 2.1.4 (a), eligible costs are those incurred during the implementation of the action with the exception of costs relating to final reports, expenditure verification and evaluation of the action, whatever the time of actual disbursement by the Beneficiary and/or its partners. Procedures to award subcontracts for goods/services/works used/provided/delivered during the implementation period, may have been initiated but contracts may not be concluded by the Beneficiary or its partners before the start of the implementation period of the Action.

Q: Are the measures between the priorities can overlap, or must be clearly separated: for example: studies of e-learning or postgraduate is a priority 2.2. and training for businesses is a priority of 2.3. Can such initiatives combined into one project?
A: Priorities and measures must be clearly defined and separated for each project.

Q: Can we prepare technical documentation within the project under the first call and submitt it for implementation under the second call for proposals?
: Preparation of technical documentation is eligible, thus there is such a theoretical possibility to apply for the second Call for proposals with infrastructural activities, it is full responsibility of an applicant to plan that two projects and insure high quality of an application to be financed by the Programme.

Q: What happens, if received offer for the public tender procedure is lower than expected, and accourdingly amount of the grant would be less than 100 000 EUR?
: The requested grant when applying for a project should be not less than 100 000 euro, but if the actual project expenditure at the end of the project will be lower (due to certain justified circumstances) than stipulated in the original project budget, the project will not be considered a failure. Just the balance payment will be calculated in accordance with actual project expenditure.

Q: We would like to subcontract a company from not eligible area in case they would apply for the international contest within the project. So, as it will be not so fair to limit the number of participants of the contest just by the project eligible area. Would it be eligible still organise the open contest if we could specify the importance of this activity  for the project implementation?
In accordance with Guidelines for Applicants section 2.1.4.  "Participation in the award of procurement contracts financed under this grant contract shall be opened to international organisations and all natural persons who are nationals of, and legal persons established in: a Member State of the European Union, or a country that is a beneficiary of the European Neighbourhood and Partnership Instrument, or a country that is a beneficiary of the Instrument for Pre-Accession Assistance, or a Member State of the European Economic Area."

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