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Large Scale Projects


Large Scale Projects (LSPs), in line with the European Commission Regulations, are "projects comprising a set of works, activities or services intended to fulfil an indivisible function of a precise nature pursuing clearly identified objectives of common interest for the purposes of implementing cross-border investments".

Generation of Large Scale Projects and Strategic Support

An LSP Grant Application has to be submitted by at least two partners, one of which has to be from the Lithuania or Poland and the other - from the Russian Federation. Project partners choose among themselves the Applicant (Beneficiary/Lead Partner) of the Project, which will be responsible for the Project as a whole towards the Joint Managing Authority (JMA) - the Ministry of Regional Development of Poland.

LSPs can be implemented only in the core cooperation areas of the Programme:

  • Lithuania: Klaipėda, Marijampolė and Tauragė counties
  • Poland: Gdańsk-Gdynia-Sopot, Gdański, Elbląski, Olsztyński, Ełcki, Białostocko-Suwalski sub-regions
  • Russian Federation: the whole territory of the Kaliningrad Oblast

Projects which are to be treated as LSPs must provide a written statement of support from the relevant national and/or regional authorities.

Duration and Budget

The duration of an LSP should not exceed 36 months and the project must be fully implemented during the Programme implementation period, i.e. till 31st December 2014. The Programme's co-financing of an LSP should not be less than 4 million EUR and should not exceed 10 million EUR.

Percentage of the Programme allocation spent on this kind of projects is limited up to 30% of the total Programme co-financing budget - the maximum available amount for LSPs is 56 718 673,42 EUR.

Submission of the Project Summaries

Potential beneficiaries and their partners prepared Project Summaries, i.e. brief outlines of the future projects.

The Project Summaries were submitted until 30th April 2010. In total, nine Project Summaries were received by the Joint Technical Secretariat (JTS). During the Joint Monitoring Committee (JMC) meeting in July 2010 it was decided to reject two Project Summaries, while most of the others had to be revised and re-submitted until 15th September 2010.

Assessment of the Project Summaries by the JMC and Decision on the Shortlist of LSPs

The revised Project Summaries were assessed by the JTS and JMA. The final decision was taken by the JMC during the meeting in December 2010 where seven Project Summaries were approved.

The draft shortlist approved by the JMC and accompanied by the Project Summaries as well as the JMC recommendations was submitted to the EC for acceptance. The decision of the EC to accept all the submitted Project Summaries was taken in January 2011, and the final shortlist of LSPs was created.

Thematic Scope of the Approved LSP Final Shortlist

Thematic scope of the approved Project Summaries is as follows:
Measure 1.1 Sustainable use of environment - 27 715 370 EUR
Measure 1.2 Accessibility improvement - 29 000 000 EUR


Submission of the Grant Application Forms

The LSP Applicants have to submit Grant Application Form together with the full documentation necessary for the project implementation, i.e. detailed description of the Action, Partnership Agreement, Feasibility Study, Environmental Impact Assessment, full Technical documentation, Building permission, all required agreements and permissions, etc. The LSP Grant Application Form also has to address the comments and questions raised by the EC during the review of the Project Summaries in January 2011.

Assessment of the Grant Application Forms

First, the Grant Application Form and supporting documentation submitted to the JTS will undergo an administrative check, and the eligibility of costs will be verified as well. Later on the quality assessment will be carried out by the assessors possessing technical knowledge in the relevant fields.

During the quality assessment the following aspects will be verified: environmental sustainability, long-term project sustainability, budget and economic evaluation of the Project (efficient use of allocated funds and value for money), quality of the partnership, and capacities of the Applicant as well as its Partner(s). The Grant Application Form and the assessment results will be reviewed by the JMC members before the approval.

The assessment process of the incoming Grant Application Forms will be initiated immediately, i.e. the assessment will start on "first-come, first-served" basis as soon as the documents are submitted to the JTS.

The Final Approval of LSPs

The LSP Grant Application Form together with the JMC written recommendation reflecting validity and quality of the LSP Grant Application will be submitted to the EC for its final acceptance.

Upon the approval of the Grant Application by the EC, the Grant Contract with the Applicant will be signed by the JMA.

Implementation of LSPs

Large Scale Projects will be monitored through 4-months progress reporting and will be implemented in closer cooperation with the JTS and JMA than regular projects.

The JTS/JMA will take part in the main events of the Large Scale Projects as much as possible. The progress in the implementation of the Large Scale Projects will be presented regularly at the JMC meetings.




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