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Recently the grant contract for financing of the project “Improvement of water purity of the Baltic Sea through development of water management systems – II stage” was countersigned by the JMA of the ENPI CBC Lithuania-Poland-Russia Programme 2007-2013 and beneficiary – Klaipeda City Municipality Administration (Lithuania). Together with two partners - Administration of the municipality of Svetlogorskiy district (Russia) and State autonomous educational institution of children additional education "Kaliningrad Regional Children – Youth Centre for Environment, Local Lore and Tourism” (Ecological centre) (Russia) – it will be united for implementation of the Action for the next 24 months. For realisation of the project activities three institutions will receive EU financing amounting to 3,599,937.00 EURO.

To solve the problem of the increasing Baltic Sea contamination from rainwater and surface waters, and disposition of existing sinkers, comprehensive infrastructure efforts are necessary to modernize the water management systems in the particular catchment areas. Thus the overall objective of the project is to contribute to the reduction of the contaminants quantity coming with rain and surface waters into the Baltic Sea from the south-eastern part of the Baltic Sea region. The first step to introduce systematic approach to water resource management was the implementation of the project RAINNET I in the years 2005-2007 through which the documentation for construction of rainwater drainage systems in several municipalities of Poland and Klaipeda (Lithuania) was prepared and the Common Inter-Municipal Action Programme (CIMAP) was developed. The present project will use knowledge and experience of the previous one and will enhance already achieved results by infrastructural (construction of rainwater and sewage drainage systems), networking (new coastal municipalities join the CIMAP), and public education components (training of water treatment systems’ managers, youth and population ecological education).

Main activities of the project are as follow:

1. Preparatory works and construction of rain and surface water drainage systems in 8 districts of Klaipeda (Lithuania).

2. Preparatory works and construction of local engineer water treatment systems in the settlement Primorie (Russia).

3. Preparation of the feasibility study and acquiring of technical documentation and permission papers for construction of the environmental camp in the Primorie settlement.

4. Informal education and raising awareness of population, children and youth, and also officials responsible for management of water systems, in the sphere of environmental education, including dissemination of successful experience of the project RAINNET I. Entry of the municipalities of the western part of the Kaliningrad region of Russia into the developed Common Inter-Municipal Action Programme (CIMAP).

5. Organization of a series of events in order to raise the qualification of local and regional authorities regulating water treatment systems, rainwater and sewage systems companies (study visits, seminars).

6. Organization of events on environmental education of children and youth (international environmental camps, study visits to partner municipalities, children-youth environmental forum, brochures, web-site, pages on Internet-based social networks).

7. Organization of public awareness events (information campaigns in mass media, outdoor social advertising, public hearings, billboard and information boards) that will inform citizens and visitors of the coastal territories of the Kaliningrad region of Russia about the Programme’s and partners initiative in raising water purity of the Baltic Sea.

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