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In the beginning of 2013, the Ministry of Regional Development of the Republic of Poland, acting as the Joint Managing Authority of the Programme, signed one more tourism development project, which is called “Development of Tourist-Recreational Infrastructure on the basis of Restoration and Preservation of Historical-Cultural Heritage of the Urban Parks”. After the completion of the project, the tourists will be able to enjoy two more redecorated parks in the Lithuanian-Russian border region.

The lead partner of the project is the Administration of Jurbarkas District Municipality from Lithuania. It implements the project together with its partner from Russia – the Administration of Kaliningrad City District. The project will be implemented in 22 months under the Priority 2 – Pursuing social, economic and spatial development, Measure 2.1 – Tourism development. The total budget of the project is 2.863.199,51 EUR, and the European Union contributes 2.576.879,55 EUR, under the Programme, which makes 90% of the total project budget.

The general objective of the Lithuanian and Russian partners is to contribute to promotion of economic and social development of Jurbarkas District and Kaliningrad City by cooperating in tackling common problems of tourism infrastructure development. This goal will be achieved by pursuing two special objectives:

• To secure the complex development of recreational and tourism infrastructure by putting in order the “Maks Ashmann Park” in Kaliningrad and the Jurbarkas Mansion Park;

• To increase the functionality of the parks by forming them as a constituent part of the common existing infrastructure for tourism and recreation.
The project is very innovatively designed to serve both as an endeavour of joint development of tourism infrastructure in Lithuania and Russia and as a learning activity for the specialists of park landscape design, decoration and restoration. This reflects in the project target groups and activities. The project targets the inhabitants and tourists of Jurbarkas and Kaliningrad, then the administrations of Jurbarkas District and Kaliningrad City District municipalities (in teaching them joint project implementation) and finally, the specialists of park and landscape formation and preservation.

The main activities foreseen under the project are:

1. Works of putting in order Jurbarkas Mansion park and “Maks Ashmann” park in Kaliningrad;

2. Dissemination of tourism information in Jurbarkas and Kaliningrad;

3. Organisation of cultural, cognitive and practical events and their implementation in Jurbarkas and Kaliningrad.


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