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On 28 December 2012 Ms Iwona Brol, Director of the Territorial Cooperation Department in the Ministry of Regional Development of the Republic of Poland, and Director of the Lithuanian Road Administration under the Ministry of Transport and Communications Skirmantas Skrinskas signed the Grant Contract for investment into the project under the title “Construction of Panemune and Sovetsk by-pass with a bridge over Neman River” which was submitted under the Measure 1.2 "Accessibility improvement". This is the second large scale project which will be provided with ENPI CBC Lithuania-Poland-Russia co-financing – in this particular case for improvement of traffic conditions of the IA Pan-European Transport Corridor.

Road Administration under the Ministry of Transport and Communication of Lithuania in liaison with the State Governmental agency of the Kaliningrad region "Road Department of the Kaliningrad region" (Russia) defined the overall objective of the project in improvement of conditions for transit traffic and long distance traffic crossing the Lithuania-Russian border and in reduction of problems caused by this traffic to the inhabitants of the territories of the Action – Panemune settlement (Lithuania) and Sovetsk town (Russia). Total budget of the project activities that will be implemented during 24 months equals to 27,386,690.00 Euro, while 10 millions of this sum will be received from the Programme’s funds.

The main reason for implementing this Large Scale Project evolves from in the current situation where the last section of the road A12 Riga-Siauliai-Tauragė-Kaliningrad that goes through Panemune settlement does not ensure safe and convenient transit as well as causes uncomfortable living conditions for the population of the settlement because of increased noise and air pollution. The existing road carriageway is only 7.1 meters width and do not meet the requirements of TEN-T roads. In this regard the beneficiary in coordination with the partner foresees to implement following activities: to construct 4 km long road section, to erect fly-over the old water course of the river Neman and to build bridgehead of 0.085 km in length ensuring connection with new bridge over the river Neman. The new bridge is to be built by the Russian Federation in accordance with the Agreement signed between the Republic of Lithuania and the Russian Federation outside of the present project’s limits.

After finalization of the project the Queen Louise bridge connecting two water sides of the river Neman – one in Russian town Sovetsk and another on Lithuanian territory of Panemune – will be used as a foot bridge and the current Russian Federation border crossing control point will be used for pedestrian traffic control. After construction of the new bridge by the Russian Federation the existing transit auto traffic will be diverted through the new by-pass that will be situated outside of the urban area which will substantially improve the environmental conditions in two locations. On the Russian Federation side the new vehicle border crossing point will be constructed at the road leading towards newly constructed bridge over the river Neman. The Republic of Lithuania will continue to use existing border crossing control point and, if traffic will be increased on border crossing point, it will be modernized.

In order to popularize and visualize ENPI CBC Lithuania-Poland-Russia Programme’s financial participation in the construction of the bypass leading towards the new bridge several publicity measures were budgeted. They will be carried out during whole implementation stage and include:

1. Placement of information billboards and explanatory plaques;

2. Presentation of relevant information about the financing of the project in all documents and certificates related to the implementation of the Action;

3. Layout of information on the websites of the beneficiary and its partner.

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