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The socio-economic development of Kaliningrad region of Russia and Marijampole county of Lithuania causes the risks for appearance of serious life, property and natural environment threats, first of all consisting of such accidents like fires, road and train crashes and floods. That is one of the main reasons why Šakiai district municipality administration (Lithuania) launched its project “The improvement of environmental situation of Šešupė river basin by strengthening the fire safety areas”. It was specifically initiated due to poor level of technical equipment of rescue service units in Lithuania and Russia and lack of effective fire fighting knowledge on the cross-border territory.

Implementing this Action beneficiary will be working in close rapport with Regional Headquarters of State Fire and Rescue Service in Marijampole (Lithuania) and Administration of Municipality of Krasnoznamensk Municipal District (Russia), who will perform partner functions. Now that grant contract for realization of this project was signed by the Joint Managing Authority of the ENPI CBC Lithuania-Poland-Russia Programme 2007-2013, the beneficiary will receive 642,842.44 Euro from Programme’s funds, while total budget of the Action is 714,269.38 Euro.

This is one of the few projects which were submitted under the Measure 1.1. "Sustainable use of environment". Its overall objective resides in contribution towards the improvement of the environmental situation of Šešupė river basin through strengthening of the fire safety of the areas on both sides of the Lithuania-Russian border and reinforcement of rescue service cohesion. The target groups of the project include firefighters, rescuers and police representing Šakiai district, Marijampole county and Krasnoznamensk district – these entities will participate in project training activities in using equipment and fire protection closing that will be purchased within the project’s implementation stage. All inhabitants of the cross-border area of Lithuania and Kaliningrad region of Russia will benefit from project’s results in the long run.

Following main activities will be jointly implemented by the partners during next 18 months of its realization:

1. Purchasing of special fire rescue equipment and fire protection clothing – one medium-size fire rescue truck (single cabin) for Šakiai district municipality, two medium-size fire rescue trucks (double cabin) and two sets of fire protection clothing – one for each project partner (Regional Headquarters of State Fire and Rescue Service in Marijampole and Administration of Municipality of Krasnoznamensk Municipal District), one immediate response vehicle and one laptop computer for Krasnoznamensk district;

2. Organization of international conference in Krasnoznamensk to discuss new technologies, develop rescue procedures and exchange the international experience in the field of firefighting. It will be closely followed by fire rescue exercises which will held on the border with the application of new equipment and clothing;

3. Implementation of informational and visibility actions by placing news and summaries of the events of partners’ websites. Three articles (one by each partner) will be prepared during the course of the project and later published in local newspapers. Programme’s and EU logos will be placed on all purchased equipment.

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