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Grant Contract for implementation of the project aimed at expanding the educational area in the Programme’s region was signed on 30 January 2013. The project “Cross-Border Cooperation in school TV’s organization in Baltic region” was developed by educational secondary school No. 31 of Kaliningrad (Russia). It also involves into action Klaipeda public school “Santarve” (Lithuania) and “Children's house-school” of Sovetsk district of the Kaliningrad region (Russia) which are acting as the project’s partners. The partner institution will get in total 466.679,46 euro of the Programme co-financing for implementing main project activities which will make up for 89% of the total project value.

The general objective of the project is to expand educational area through creation in partner institutions appropriate infrastructure and development of new methods and approaches to teach students with usage of video-communicative technologies. Modern information-oriented society dictates new terms for organization of educational process. Nowadays the basic educational tasks include not only acquisition of skills and abilities to get different information but also development of understanding of informational space and knowledge how to act in this space efficiently. To obtain these skills students need to get communicative and cooperative experience during school and out-of-of school activities. The measures which will be implemented within the project are oriented at establishing a resource base for such an activity and carrying out events destined to become case-studies for future use of the video-communicative education.

Project will have a significant impact on the students and teachers of three partner educational institutions while its long-lasting results will influence whole teacher-pupil environment of CBC Lithuania-Poland-Russia Programme’s region. Within the project school-partners will become the centers for accumulating experience of ross-border cooperation project’s implementation and also for formation of partner relations on the international level.

Project will be implemented during next 20 months and involve several infrastructural activities including repairs and equipment purchase of school classes necessary for implementation of soft events.

Main activities include:

1. Organization of a kick-off conference in order to mark the beginning of the project.

2. Establishing of three Project Centers in each school-partner for controlling the repair works in school-partners’ classes assigned for further project activities, installing of local net and wi-fi Internet access, purchasing and installing of interactive equipment, buying of necessary furniture.

3. Equipping of the school server and internet facilities necessary for efficient implementation of project joint soft activities, cooperation between partners and organizing of distance learning of the teachers from partner institutions.

4. Establishing of three school press-centers in each partner organization containing TV studio and publishing center.

5. Development of teaching methods in video-communicative technologies for school teachers from partner institutions.

6. Organization of school video joint educational activities on the basis of newly established press-centers in each partner school.

7. Organization of summer camp at the end of school year devoted to the development of intercultural dialogue and cooperation between partner institutions.

8. Organization of final conference to strike a balance of project implementation.

9. Carrying out of visibility actions such as designing of project web-site, publishing of three articles in press and shooting of three video materials for TV evening news program.

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