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On February XX 2013 Polish Ministry of regional development signed the grant contract for implementation of the project “Close neighbours in 21st century – new communication and perception”. It is devoted to the problems of cross-border cooperation in the field of education joining together two institutions of higher education of Poland and Russia. University of Warmia and Mazury in Olsztyn presents its Polish side at the same time being its lead partner while Immanuel Kant Baltic Federal University of Kaliningrad acts as junior partner representing Russian side of the project. Two universities will get EU grant of 254.357,31 euros which corresponds to 90% of the total budget of the action.

Development of social contacts and cross-border cooperation in the field of education between population of Warmia-Mazury region and Kaliningrad region was defined as the general objective of the project. At the same time main efforts of beneficiary and its partner will be focused on achieving several specific objectives including analysis of trends and challenges of transborder cooperation and policy of its development and improvement, intensification of collaboration between academics of partner institutions, intensification of joint ventures in education in order to increase the awareness among students and members of local governments about local governmental, political, social and cultural conditions on the borderland of Poland and Russia. The project will contribute to the better understanding between academic and self-governmental communities on the Polish-Russian border. Its main target groups – students, scholars and representative of local authorities from partner regions – will have the opportunity to learn about science, education and each other’s’ points of views on the different problems of transboundary cooperation. In the future these groups will help whole population of Warmia and Mazury and Kaliningrad regions to overcome cooperation issues.
Main activities of the project are as follow:
1.    Organization and carrying out of seminars in Olsztyn and Kaliningrad for 15 bachelor students, 15 master students and 15 postgraduate students) on the main Polish-Russian border issues raised by the project activities.
2.    Designing of the trilingual (Polish, Russian, English) web-site on cross-border cooperation, its threats and opportunities.
3.    Organization of systematic exchange of students and members of the academic staff on both sides of the Polish-Russian border (total number of swaps – 8).
4.    Organization of lectures presenting results of research on the project objectives – 10 at the University of Warmia and Mazury in Olsztyn and 10 at the Immanuel Kant Baltic Federal University in Kaliningrad.
5.    Organization of a summer school in Olsztyn for 50 participants (students and scholars from the Baltic Federal University of Kaliningrad) – two sessions lasting for 2 weeks each – in order to analyze trends and challenges of transborder cooperation, including international migration, and to intensify mutual understanding between partner scientific institutions of Warmia and Mazury region and Kaliningrad region in the sphere of education.
6.    Publication and dissemination of joint scientific journal on Polish-Russian border issues, in which scholars of partner institutions will place their thematic articles on par with independent researches from other European countries.
7.    Publication and dissemination of 6 scientific treatises covering different problems raised by the project activity – communication in the region, issues of diplomacy, gender relations and international migration through perspectives of two partner countries.
8.    Organization of 2-days academic conference which will be destined to systematize all gained experience and summarize 2 years of research. About 50 scholars, representatives of local governments and students from Poland and Russia will take part in the event.
All activities will be promoted through presentational materials, electronic gadgets, articles in press, advertisements on radio, television and in Internet.

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