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The organizer of the multi-national art competition for the best school-children drawing "Lithuania, Poland, Russia - neighbors, partners and friends" is pleased to announce that the deadline for submitting competition works has been extended. The works should be sent by 10.06.2013. (day of post stamp). We would like to take this opportunity to thank all the participants for sending the works - they all are beautiful!

On the occasion of Day of Europe (May 9, 2013) ENPI Cross Border Cooperation Programme Lithuania-Poland-Russia 2007-2013 is organizing a children competition for the most beautiful drawing on the theme "Lithuania, Poland, Russia - neighbours, partners and friends."

The aim of the competition is:
- Children's awareness of the neighboring countries: Poland, Lithuania and Russia (Kaliningrad region)
- Children's imagination how these countries work together and develop friendship
- Children's knowledge of joint initiatives of these countries, which together with the European Union contribution are implemented (construction of common roads, renovation of cultural facilities, promotion of tourism in border regions of the countries, etc.)
- Art presentation of content related to the subject,
- A possibility of presentation of children's artistic talent,
- Dissemination of information within the residents of the border areas on joint activities carried out by Lithuania, Poland and Russia with financial contribution of the European Union.

Competition starts on 09.05.2013 and ends on 31.05.2013 (day of post stamp).

The competition involves making individual or group (consisting of maximum 3 members) work referring to the title of the contest. Participants can submit drawings, paintings and collages made in different art's techniques of different materials (crayons, paints, pastels, plasticine, paper, newspaper, etc.). The work can be made in any format. Each Participant may submit up to 3 works for the competition. The competition is divided into two age categories:
1. Children of 6-9 years (Classes 1-3)
2. Children of 10-13 years (Classes 4-7)

The participating children can win photo camera or one of attractive prizes like puzzles, badminton set and many, many others!

Especially for this competition a school poster was developed to disseminate the information about the contest in the school.

Taking this possibility we would like to thank everybody who would like to join our play and see the way the children see neighbouring friendship between the Lithuania, Poland and Russia!


The Main Rules of the competition can be found Here



A school poster for printing can be found Here



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