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One of the last large scale projects under the title of “Reconstruction of the national road No. 65 within the Gołdap – Kowale Oleckie section” can justly count its implementation stage starting from May 2013.

The thing is that on April 30th Joint Managing Authority in the name of Polish Ministry of regional development countersigned Grant Contract together with project’s main partner - Olsztyn Division of General Directorate for National Roads and Motorways of Poland. It was done after long and thorough preparatory work – all parts of the Grant Contract were checked and re-checked by the managers of Joint Technical Secretariat of the CBC Lithuania-Poland-Russia Programme to make it result-oriented and practicable at the same time. In consequence of all talks and negotiations between JMA, JTS and beneficiary of the action project will be granted with 10.000.000,00 euro of EU co-financing (87% of the budget) while total amount of funds which will be spent for implementation of the project measures is 11.494.252,87 euro.

The concept of the action is the result of the need to resolve transport connection problems, which have intensified over the last years due to increased traffic and inadequate road network development of the cross-border region of Warmia and Mazury of Poland and Kaliningrad region of Russia. The national road No. 65 carries traffic load to the section from the Kaliningrad region to Polish border in Gołdap towards Ełk and Białystok and further to the border with Belarus in Bobrowniki. The condition of the road is poor – the surface is full of cracks, it is uneven – which makes it the bottleneck of this transport route rather uncomfortable and unsafely for driving. Last-mentioned circumstance leads to increased accident rate at the time when this route becomes more and more in demand among local inhabitants, international tourists and cargo businesses from both Poland and Russia.

Therefore the overall objective of the project is to provide support to social-economic development of the cross-border region on both sides of the border and improve the accessibility and traffic safety of the Polish-Russian border crossing Gołdap – Gusev, which will have an impact on general economic attractiveness of the area, its competitiveness as a place to live and conduct business activity. Beneficiary distinguishes several specific objectives on the way to the overall one – improving the quality of transport links with the national and international transport system (access to the Trans-European Transport Networks and key regional roads) as well as improving the quality of this section of the national road No. 65 by adapting the road bearing capacity to 115kN/axle.

Target groups are defined very acutely – transit transport, transit passengers, small businesses and private entrepreneurs, involved in the economic exchange who transport goods through the Gołdap – Gusev border crossing. It is safe to say that among final beneficiaries of the action whole population of Kaliningrad region of Russia and Elk County of Poland and small private entrepreneurs of the area.

Main activities of the project are as follow:

1.    Organization of kick-off conference.
2.    Organization of working group meetings.
3.    Construction works:
3.1. Preparatory works – removal of trees, shrubs and humus layer, demolition of road parts, maintenance or decommissioning of traffic diversions.
3.2. Ground works.
3.3. Dehydration of the road structure – installation of culverts, rainwater drainage system.
3.4. Road works – installation of foundations and surfaces.
3.5. Construction of the road facilities – fixing of road signs, road marking, reconstruction of power and telecommunication equipment, plantings, traffic safety equipment, environmental protection equipment.
4. Work of Consultant – Engineering (supervision over construction works on behalf of the Applicant throughout the whole duration of the construction works and the warranty period).
5. Commissioning of the object into operation.
6. Organization of final conference of the project.

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