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Recently Joint Managing Authority presented by the Ministry of regional development of Poland signed the Grant Contract for implementation of the project “Joint actions for solving of joint youth problems” aimed at the development of human potential by the improvement of social conditions.

The beneficiary of the Action – administration of Pagegiai municipality from Lithuania – involved into implementation activities two other partners – neighboring Silale District municipal administration from Lithuania and partner from Russia – administration of Sovetsk city district. The total budget of the project is 835.400,86 euro while 90% of this sum (751.860,77 euro) will be provided by European Union.

The overall objective of the project consists in contribution to sustainable and favorable life quality and improvement of social equality aspect in Taurage – Sovetsk regional development while working with young residents of the partner regions. Following the opinion of the applicant this objective can be reached by strengthening of intercultural dialogue and understanding of young people in Pagegiai – Silale – Sovetsk borderline territory through sports and arts because these are the most popular youth pastime activities. As Lithuanian studies and reports reflect, near 42,5% of youth prefer sport at leisure, while 18% more would like to be engage if facilitated. Some 10% of youth deals with different arts. Moreover those of the young people who are interested in the so-called unofficial “geek” youth subcultures stay away from the regular sport and art facilities due to its non-formal nature. By the decision of the beneficiary these youth social stratums in particular considered as target groups of the project – namely student teenagers and young people with specific habits and inclinations such as skateboarders, roller-skaters, BMX fans and representatives of alternative arts – graffiti artists, rappers an so on. The project activities will embrace 230 stakeholders of the similar groups. Within the long-run perspective the results of the action will influence different groups of young people in all three municipalities.

The tasks and goals of the intended project are directly coherent to and in full conformity with the stipulations of the international Agreements concluded between Sovetsk – Silale and Sovetsk – Pagegiai municipalities and in line with the Programme Priority 2 – Pursuing social, economic and spatial development, and aiming the goal of Civil society development via promotion of intercultural dialogue and understanding.

Main activities of the project are as follow:

1.    Construction of a new outdoor sport field for team games such as soccer. Basketball and skateboarding in Pagegiai (Lithuania).
2.    Construction of a skate-park in Sovetsk (Russia).
3.    Purchasing and establishing of different facilities and equipment for Sovetsk skate-park.
4.    Purchasing of the facilities for running events and sport equipment for the field in Pagegiai.
5.    Purchasing of the equipment for sport and musical events for Silale (Lithuania).
6.    Organization of the art camp for youth in Silale.
7.    Organization of the competition between the representatives of different youth subcultures (roller-skaters, skateboarders, rappers, graffiti writers) in Sovetsk (Russia).
8.    Organization of sport camp and open sport tournament for youth in Pagegiai.
9.    Printing of brochures, posters and leaflets.
10.    Organization of several project coordination meetings.
11.    Organization of the project conference.
12.    Conducting of the project publicity campaign in mass media.
13.    Designing of the project web-site in Sovetsk.
14.    Implementation of project management activities.
15.    Conducting of an audit of project expenses.
16.    Evaluation of the project activity.

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