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Training meetings for Polish and Russian physicians of different specialties took place in Kaliningrad (Russian Federation) on May 31 on the base of Kaliningrad regional clinical hospital and in Olsztyn (Poland) on June 4 on the base of Kętrzyn poviat hospital and health care institution Warmia-Mazury Cancer Center. To any extent these meetings were related to the prevention and treatment of female cancerous diseases and thus were united under the joint slogan “Health is the most important - health prophylactic of inhabitants in Ozyorsk and Kętrzyn Community”. Meetings were organized within the limits of project No. ILPR.02.02.00-28-151/10-00 of the same title.

During the first meeting Deputy Chief Doctor of Kaliningrad regional clinical hospital I.Z. Vaisbein generally informed Polish colleagues about the work of the hospital. He told that idea of massive onsite medical examinations is not new. As far back as 1997 he was one of team of the so called “Heath train” of Kaliningrad Railway and participated in the examinations of rural population for the purpose of prevention different diseases of all age groups. He greeted the onsite examinations of 1000 women from Ozyorsk district, foreseen within the project, and told that he is ready to support them in every possible way. Head of oncological service Popov M.S. reported specifically about the work of oncologists. During the study excursion audience was acquainted with the work of X-ray computerized and magnetic resonance tomographic scanner. Chashina L.A. – the head of Kaliningrad regional public organization “Vita”, which unites people of different professions in rescue operations, socio-psychological support and rehabilitation after breast cancer treatment – also took part in the dialogue.
The seriousness of the problem of cancerous diseases among women defined the character and age of participants who visited healthcare institutions in Poland. The youngest girl is only 9 years of age, while Zinkevitch A.P. – the chief of district Deputy Council – is at the top of the list. The main purpose which was selected by organizers was to impress women of different ages and develop the idea about significance and importance of regular medical examinations and tests. Apart from representatives of Ozyorsk central hospital – direct participants of the project, headed by the Chief Doctor Burova I.V. and her deputy Kiselev V.N., following persons took part in the study visit to Poland: representatives of regional healthcare institutions Golikov V.E. and Zadorkina T.G., heads of Medical Prevention and Rehabilitation Center of Kaliningrad region, representatives of the oncological service of Kaliningrad regional clinic hospital Popov M.S. and Shpilev I.V. Makretskaya N.I. represented Kaliningrad regional Duma – project management relies upon further support from regional authorities.
Although Olsztyn Cancerous Center is equipped with up to the minute equipment, main indicators, by which cancer prevention effectiveness can be assessed, are little different from Russian. Cancerous disease prevention, which is placed in Russia on a higher level, mandatory tests and examinations as well as other measures contribute to this substantially.
Summarizing the participation in training meetings it should be mentioned that representatives of healthcare institutions of Poland and Russia found many contact points, connected with existing problems and with means and methods of their diagnosis, prevention and decision. Participants stroke up an acquaintance with their colleagues, discussed perspectives of development of further activity in the field of treatment of oncological diseases.

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