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In June of 2013 a coordination meeting of the project “Development of tourism information system and cultural tourism infrastructure in Pagegiai-Sovetsk cross-border region” (LPR1/010/040) took place in Pagėgiai (Lithuania). The mayor of Pagėgiai municipality Virginijus Komskis, the project manager Loreta Razutienė, project coordinator Ilona Marozaitė and employees of financial and legal units of Pagėgiai municipality, responsible for project implementation took part in the meeting. The partners from Kaliningrad Oblast (Russian Federation), Administration of Sovetsk City District were represented by the project coordinator Anatoliy Boginskiy, project financial specialist Svetlana Vashkevich and the legal officer supervising the project Ashhenik Kotova.

Greeting the participants of the coordinating meeting, the mayor of Pagėgiai municipality V. Komskis said: “I am delighted, that we are looking for and finding the ways for cultural and economic cooperation with our neighbours. The implementation of this project is a step of huge perspective”.
The representative of Sovetsk A. Boginskiy acknowledged: „We have gained a lot of useful experience, while participating in this project. Our partners from Pagėgiai municipality have achieved a lot in the field of tourism infrastructure development. We have what to learn from our colleagues“.
The participants of the coordination meeting visited the objects of tourist interest situated in Pagėgiai municipality after having discussed the project implementation issues.
The overall objective of the project is to increase the number of foreign and local tourists in Pagegiai – Sovetsk cross-border region first of all improving a quality of tourism information system by creation of the tourism information centres in Pagegiai (Lithuania) and Sovetsk (Russia) further organizing two museum expositions in Pagegiai center.

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