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On May28th, 2013 Joint Managing Authority ratified the start of another infrastructure project under the long title speaking for itself “Improving cross-border connections between Poland and Russia through the reconstruction of the voivodeship road No. 591 the State Boundary – Barciany – Kętrzyn – Mrągowo; the phase I: surface reinforcement of the DW 591 road section from Kętrzyn to Mrągowo”. Project was created by the self-government of the Polish Voivodeship of Warmia and Mazury, which now in the stage of measures’ implementation serves as the beneficiary of the action. Project activities also involve efforts of the local municipal administration of Bagrationovsk city of Kaliningrad region which acts as the partner. Project budget consists of 5.620.596,32 euro. Unlike the situation in other projects partner contribution in this Action equals to 28.90% thus decreasing the Programme investment. Programme contribution totals to 3.996.243,98 euro (71.10% respectively).

Project was elaborated in the area of the Warmia – Mazury voivodeship due to the existing here unfavorable factors, which diminish region’s competitiveness and create the risk of putting it in a peripheral position. They include negative demographic processes, high level of unemployment, low level of communication accessibility, insufficient technical condition of roads of regional and cross-regional importance resulting from a long term lack of investment, low level of road safety. On the other hand there are advantages of the voivodeship, which create the opportunity for its development and improvement of the social and economic condition. Effectively functioning communication system is one of the basic factors determining the activation of any region. First off, the project concerns improvement of the roads which would allow a comprehensive solution of transport problems and creating of networks and systems of connections servicing economy, including tourism, and securing transport services along the border of Warmia and Mazury voivodeship with Kaliningrad region of the Russian Federation. The project implementation contributes to the improvement of the currently insufficient communication service in the Warmia and Mazury voivodeship and to the increase in the level of exploiting the economic and tourism potential of the area included in the project as well as of the whole cross-border region.
The strategic project objective is to pursue socio-economic development of cross-border areas through transport accessibility improvement. In the macro scale the action will contribute to achieve the cooperation of partners from cross-border regions in solving joint transport problems, to improve transport conditions and road safety and to promote interpersonal contacts and cross-border cooperation.

The main project activities include following ones:

1.    Organization of the project opening conference on the subject “Modern concrete paving on local roads”.

2.    Organization of the conference/seminar in order to exchange knowledge and experience in road construction on the subject “A green road and noise reduction”.

3.    Reconstruction investment of the road “Kętrzyn – Mrągowo”.

4.    Organization of the supervision of the construction site.

5.    Organization of the conference/seminar in order to exchange knowledge and experience in road construction “Road embankments”.

6.    Organization of the project closing conference, also concerning the further cooperation “Roads for nature – is there a place for trees along the roads”.

7.    Organization of the project audit.

8.    Promotional and visualization activities - the Beneficiary will use the promotional board to mark the investment area and publish appropriate information on the Internet websites and in the local press in order to publicize the EU co-finance of the action.

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