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The organizer of the contest for the most interesting image showing the effects of projects implemented under the Programme is pleased to announce that the deadline for submitting competition works has been extended.

The pictures should be sent by 06.09.2013 the latest.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank all our Beneficiaries and Partners, who has already sent the pictures. You will see them on our website gallery very soon! A photo camera is waiting for the winners!

Show the effects of your great work and involvement in the project!

The Lithuania-Poland-Russia ENPI CBC Programme 2007-2013 is pleased to announce to all our Beneficiaries and Partners the competition for the most interesting image showing the effects of projects implemented under the Programme and cooperation between the partners in the project as well. Using this occasion we would like to promote among the residents of border areas of the Lithuania, Poland and Russian Federation the information about shared activities carried out by Beneficiaries and Partners from these countries with the financial support of the Lithuania-Poland-Russia ENPI CBC Programme and European Union.
The competition starts on 15 of July and ends on 23 of August 2013.

Show the effects of your great work and involvement in the project!

Who can apply? The representatives of the Beneficiaries and Partners of the Lithuania-Poland-Russia ENPI  CBC Programme 2007-2013.
Deadline for submissions: 23 August 2013.

How to enter? Take the picture of your project showing events or people in areas that have changed through your project. Send the picture by mail to the address below high resolution jpg or tiff to: 

Lithuania: sigita.baronaite;

Poland: j.klonowska;

Russia: valeria.goldman

Sending the image the Participant declares participation in the contest and accepts the Regulations of the Competition, which are placed on the Programme website:

Judging: Pictures will be judged based on their artistic values, idea of the picture and relevance to cross-border cooperation of Lithuania, Poland and Russia. Selected pictures will be featured at a public exhibition in Mikołajki celebrating European Cooperation Day on the 14 of September 2013.

Prizes: The top three pictures authors will receive prizes in kind. The main prize is photo camera! Some of the pictures can receive also additional special awards.

The winning projects will be additionally awarded by placing pictures of them on the main page of Programme website instead of currently existing teasers!

Use of images: By entering the competition Participants agree that any picture submitted to the competition may be used by the Programme for any promotional reasons, including the European Coopperation Day campaign and ENPI promotional campaigns in general in the future.

For specific requirements of the Competition, Main Regulations and more information, 

visit Programme website!

Show your project to the others!


FOTO CONTEST FOR BENEFICIARIES - General Information_EN.pdf (pdf, 124 KB)

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