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On 20 September in Petrozavodsk (Russia) the ENPI CBC Lithuania-Poland-Russia Programme will take part in IX Annual Conference “Cross border cooperation: the Russian Federation, the European Union and Norway”.

This IX Conference will traditionally become a unique platform for a dialogue between the parties interested where they will be able to discuss all the key issues on cross-border and interregional cooperation at all levels.

 The main objective of the conference is to strengthen existing strategically important cross-border relations as well as establish new perspectives for joint development of the cross—border regions . Representatives of local, regional and state authorities, international organizations, business and expert community of Russia, neighboring European countries (Lithuania, Poland, Estonia, Norway, Sweden, Latvia, Finland) and the European Union in general will take part in the conference.

The participants will discuss a current state of cross border cooperation, potential trends and models for its further improvement and ways of joint planning of border areas development. Special attention will be paid to the results of the ENPI CBC Programmes 2007-2013.

As a part of European Cooperation Day celebrations, five ENPI CBC Programmes will organize a joint exhibition during the event:

The Programmes are presenting achievements of their territorial cooperation in supporting common cross-border initiatives between the European Union and Russia, its experiences and prospects for the future.

Lithuania- Poland-Russia CBC ENPI Programme 2007-2013 is kindly inviting all of the conference participants to our promotion corner to familiarize with our Programme’s  achievements and projects’ implementation visuals.

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