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On the 5 th of December 2013 in Ryn (Poland) took place 4th Programme Annual Conference of the Lithuania-Poland-Russia ENPI Cross-border Programme 2007-2013. The meeting was attended by representatives of Joint Managing Authority (Poland), National Authorities from Lithuania and Russia, Programme Beneficiaries and Partners as well as Programme representatives. Around 100 participants took part in this annual event. The conference was organised by Joint Technical Secretariat of the Programme together with its Branch Office from Olsztyn, Poland.

This year the conference was held in Ryn (Poland), as previously the pleasure of hosting the meeting had Klaipeda (Lithuania) in 2012 and Kaliningrad (Russia) in 2011. The event took place in Hotel Ryn Castle – seated in renovated gothic castle. It is one of the biggest and oldest castles of Warmia and Mazury region – popular tourist destination called “the land of a thousand lakes”.

The concept of the event can be summoned in the catchphrase: “Common heritage, common future – travel in time – interactive lesson of history”. In this special surroundings guests of the conference had the chance to update  information about the Programme’s progress and to experience in person the heritage of cross border region as well. Following the concept the cultural programme was related to  the history of the venue and has been prepared for participants as the background for substantive professional discussions on the development of Lithuania-Poland-Russia Programme 2007-2013 in year 2013.

The event started with welcoming speeches presented by representatives of the authorities responsible for management of the Programme: Ms. Katarzyna Oszczypała on behalf of Joint Managing Authority (JMA) - Ministry of Infrastructure and Regional Development of the Republic of Poland, Ms. Ramune Juozapaitiene of behalf of Lithuanian National Authority - Ministry of the Interior of Republic of Lithuania and Liana Maximova representing the Agency of International Affairs and Regional Cooperation of the Kaliningrad Region on behalf of Russian National Authority: Ministry of Regional Development of Russian Federation.

The main purpose of the conference was to present the progress of Programme implementation – the insight of the situation together with valuable update of actions related to the prospect of future cross-border programmes planned between Lithuania, Poland and Russia was given by Ms. Katarzyna Oszczypała representing JMA. Ms. Małgorzata Woźniak, Head of Joint Technical Secretariat of the Programme, summarised in her presentation the progress of the Programme “in facts and figures”, with special distinction of the implementation of the projects and actions taken by management of the Programme to assist the Beneficiaries and Partners.

The next part of the event was dedicated to the Beneficiaries of particular projects, who had the occasion to share the results of their actions to the public. Mr. Mirosław Nicewicz – Head of General Directorate for National Roads and Motorways – Division in Olsztyn presented the progress of the Large Scale Project: “Reconstruction of the national road No. 65 within the Gołdap – Kowale Oleckie section”, which is going to have serious impact on efficiency and safety of the transport on of the most important roads leading to Polish-Russian border.

Regular projects also presented their own special approach and diversified ideas for cross-border cooperation used in progress of their work:

- The project “Create4Compete – Creativity for boosting Competence and Competitiveness” was presented by Ms. Rita Baidokaite from Kaunas Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Crafts.

- The project "Improvement of the attractiveness of north-eastern Poland and Kaliningrad Region by developing and promoting shared tourist trails” was introduced by Ms. Izabela Narożniak from Association of Communes “Polish Gothic Castles”.

- The project “Effective Governance for people”  - was presented by Ms. Natasza Stavitskaya from Civil Registry Office (Agency) in Kaliningrad and Mr. Viktor Karavaev – the representative of contractor.

Described ideas of the projects, up-to-date achievements and their present and future impact for the development of cross-border area were highly impressive.

During the presentations schedule one very interesting moment occurred – surprisingly the Commander of the Castle came to visit the participants of the conference and shared with them few facts about the story of the castle, and also presented “Baba Pruska” – historic gift for the participants. The myth of the Baba was told with the instruction how the “Baba” should be treated by each of the participant.

In the breaks between the presentations the guests could view the following exhibitions: 

• The children artworks from art competition for the best school-children drawing "Lithuania, Poland, Russia - neighbours, partners and friends".

• The pictures taken during European Cooperation Day – sharing borders, growing closer – in Mikołajki, Poland 14.09.2013 and in Petrozavodsk, Russia, 20.09.2013.

• Best pictures from the competition “Amazing picture of the project implemented under the Lithuania-Poland-Russia 2007-2013 ENPI CBC Programme" taken by the Beneficiaries and Partners of our Programme.

• Exhibition of a jewelry from the Vikings epoch prepared by one of Programme projects: CROSSROADS 2.0 (Russia).

After successful completion of official part of the event, the guests were acquainted with the heritage of cross-border region in entertaining and interactive way. A the beginning representatives of the project CROSSROADS 2.0 presented the games and dances of the Vikings. That was very integrating experience and started cultural part of the agenda - “Common heritage, common future – travel in time – interactive lesson of history”. This part was followed by interactions prepared by the Commander of Ryn Castle and his wife – Princess Anna.

The conference was a successful meeting with a very active involvement of a projects implemented under the Lithuania-Poland-Russia ENPI CBC Programme 2007-2013,  assumed as memorable and constructive for participants.

Taking this opportunity we would like to thank all the conference speakers for their professional presentations, preparations, cooperation, and great input to the conference. Our special thanks we would like to address to the project CROSSROADS 2.0 - without their show and exhibition the conference would not be as interesting and fruitful.

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