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Within the framework of the project implemented by the Municipality of Kętrzyn and Administration of Ozyorsk from the Kaliningrad Region: "Health is the most important – health prophylactic of inhabitants in Ozyorsk and Kętrzyn Community"  have began a series of free medical examinations for residents. Around 1250 people from the Kętrzyn’s commune and the same number from Ozyorsk area will be tested in coming weeks. 

Health checks are led by doctors of following specialties: cardiologist, oculist, laryngologist, pediatrician, gynecologist and urologist. Some doctors carry out examinations directly in the villages (in renovated within the project offices or village clubhouses). Specialized examinations  (cardiologist, gynecologist, oculists) will be conducted in specialized consulting rooms in Kętrzyn and Ozyorsk.

Examinations have been very popular among the inhabitants. Number of people willing to participate in cardiological checkups exceeded three times the plan, the records to an ophthalmologist reached twice as many people.

The cardiological  test involves performing cardiac echocardiography and exertion test on a bicycle. Each of the participants receives (in addition to the test results and diagnosis)  thermometer and manometer. 

The project also implemented the following activities: seminars and conferences, meetings with residents conducted by medical experts from Olsztyn (Polyclinic) and Kaliningrad in rural localities (11 meetings), purchase of medical equipment (including ultrasound for the Hospital in Ozyorsk) renovation of consulting rooms and premises used by dental school nurses. Project will be finalized in November 2014 by summarizing conference in Ozyorsk.

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