Lithuania-Poland-Russia ENPI Cross-border Cooperation Programme 2007-2013
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Works for reconstruction of the building of ambulance station in Kaliningrad within the limits of the project “Development of modern ambulance station based on the reconstruction of infrastructure, increase of medical assistance and experience in cross-border cooperation region” advance as they were planned. Substation of Leningradskiy district on Narvskaya street is the last building where before the start of the project no foot of a builder tread – it was built before the WWII, last repair were made during the Soviet period.

According with the project within the Lithuania-Poland-Russia Programme building will get absolutely new life. In the present moment bricklaying of walls and ceilings are already finished. Subcontractor is finalising roofing works, building will get new tile roof in a while. After that construction works will be on a home straight –at first façade works will be done and then all works will move inside the building – to do all finishing operations.

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