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An exhibition devoted to the Vistula lagoon took place in the Russian Centre of Science and Culture (Gdansk, Poland) from the 18-31 of March 2014. It was organized in the framework of the Project LPR1/010/143 "Opportunities and Benefits of Joint Use of the Vistula Lagoon".

During the exhibition the works of the Kaliningrad photographer N. Yagunov were presented as well as debates on problems of use of the potential of the Vistula Lagoon in joint cooperation of Russian and Polish scientific institutes, state agencies, local authorities, businesses and residents of the Vistula Lagoon region were conducted.

During the debates such questions as 72 hours visa-free regime for organized groups of tourists travelling by ferry and local border traffic through the see borders between Poland and Russia were discussed. As participants of the debates think these measures will contribute towards increase of the touristic flows and hence will increase the comfort of joint living in the Vistula Lagoon area.

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