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“Spring days of save the chestnuts” were held on the 9th of April 2014 in the garden on Moscow avenue (Kaliningrad). This activity was organized in the framework of the Project LPR1/010/079 “Citizens with Ecoinitiative” being implemented under the Lithuania-Poland-Russia ENPI CBC Programme 2007-2013. Environmental professionals placed special protective belts on the trunks of 50 trees.

Each tree received a yellow belt with pheromones which attract males of the leaf- miners.  Thus females will be single and won’t be able to lay eggs. As a result there will be no caterpillars and leaves will be saved. This is only the first step of the saving of chestnuts. There will be new generations of butterflies from spring to autumn. And in order to catch them special pest destroyers will be put in the crowns of trees.  But the most helpful measure (as scientists think) is to remove fallen leaves. It should be performed from mid-June till the end of the leaf fall. This measure will give 85% of success in chestnuts saving activities.

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