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On April 18th in electronic reading room of the Chernyakhovsk city library the workshop on the subject “Psychological aspects of communication and self-knowledge in the family” was held. This became the first lesson within the programme of informal teaching, which was developed by Zivile Advilonene, doctor and assistant professor of the Vytautas Magnus University and Marijampole College as part of the action plan of the international project “Cooperation in building up a library for family” (No ILPR.02.02.00-72-167/10-00) within the CBC ENPI Lithuania-Poland-Russia 2007-2013 Programme.

Elaborated programme consists of four modules, one of which is devoted to development of skills for family intercommunication. The programme is intended for parents, grandparents and aimed for revealing the skills of the family members, obtaining the knowledge and development of abilities, necessary for proper development of interfamilial relationships and communication with children. The same format of workshop will be held in the library of Marijampole Petras Kriauciunas Public Library.

In Chernyakhovsk psychological-pedagogical module will be delivered by the teacher of Pedagogical institute Ludmila Parfenova. 32hours’ programme was divided by eight workshops on main subjects. Each workshop includes lecture, practical training, and assignment for participants to conduct the unsupervised work.

First lesson started from popular lection on principles of successful communication in the family, roles of individual temperaments and ego in the process of communication and interrelationships in the whole. All attendees were very satisfied in the practical training, each participant was able to understand and evaluate his/her own personal qualities: willingness to change, capability to transform, trustworthiness to others etc.

Next lesson will be organized in May. This will be devoted to the emotional side of the interfamilial relations and management of family conflicts.

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