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On August 19-23, 2014, 30 young people participated in Ecological Camp in Klaipeda (Lithuania), 15 from Klaipeda Region and 15 from Kaliningrad Region. The camp was dedicated to ecological / environmental education. The activities were organised within the framework of the project No. ILPR.01.01.00-72-110/10 „Improvement of water purity of the Baltic Sea through development of water management systems – II stage (RAINNET II)”.

During 5 days of the camp, the participants listened to lectures: “Baltic sea plants, eutrophication, pollution”, “Baltic Sea environment and trends”, “Baltic Sea fauna and pollution”, arranged an outing along ecological trail "Litorina" and went sightseeing to the Black Fortress and the Old Town of Klaipeda, carried out biological water research of Cypa rivulet and made sea water, pipelines water and pond water testing. 
The participants have learnt to independently identify elements in water, such as iron, nitrates, phosphates, chlorides, etc. which determine water quality. Having tested samples of sea water, tap water and pond water, it was discovered that pond water was the most polluted. The percentage of iron in tap water was surprisingly low, and this is essential for quality potable water. 
On the last day of the camp on the Baltic Sea beach, the youngsters were joyfully involved in “Land Art”:  from sand and natural materials they created a composition of art.

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