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We would like to present the report of the project coordinator Mr. Mirosław Oryńczak on organized in Kętrzyn and Oziersk World Cancer Day: Cancer is not a sentence:

World Cancer Day: Cancer is not a sentence:
Cancer is one of the most dangerous, the most popular and hard curable disease in the society of the XX and XXI century. Global statistics indicate that every year from 450 to 500 thousand people fall ill with cancer. The fight against this problem is one of the elements of the project "Health is the most important – health prophylactic of inhabitants in Ozyorsk and Kętrzyn Community" implemented from December 2012 to May 30, 2015, as project of the Lithuania-Poland-Russia ENPI CBC Programme 2007-2013.
On 4 February falls World Cancer Day. Therefore, the Commune of Kętrzyn (project leader) and the Municipality Area of Oziersk (Russian project partner) in that day organized extensive promotional and information campaign for their residents. Russian partner involved young volunteers to distribute 1000 of brochures and same number of posters to promote healthy lifestyles and to encourage people to the fight against cancer. Volunteers handed out pink ribbons to encountered people. Moreover in Oziersk were held meetings with students and teachers in the Technical College conducted by doctors.
Commune of Kętrzyn involved in the event association "Amazonki" from Kętrzyn - an experienced and well known organization. Three meetings were held with Amazonki: for the residents of Czerniki, Łazdoje and students of the School of Wilkowo. Meetings were led by "Amazonki" members in cooperation with a doctor. Number of topics where discussed like prevention and fight against cancer, nevertheless the leading topic was the fight against breast cancer. In addition to lectures, film and discussion, women took the breast examinations. The most popular examination was search of the lumps in artificial brest, what brought a lot of problems to some participants. Doctor participating in meetings complemented the information provided by representatives of the “Amazonki”, answered questions from the audience and highly encouraged to participate in medical examinations including cytology tests and mammograms and to use vaccination, including those against HPV papilloma. All participants of meetings received booklets "Take care of your health" (developed by Kętrzyn Commune in this project) and a set of promotional materials, gadgets from Lithuania-Poland-Russia ENPI CBC Programme 2007-2013.
To sum up this pro-health action, I have an impression  that our society still needs incentives to everyday prophylactic and measures for prevention of affection of cancer.

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