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Aiming at improving ecological condition of Marijampolė county the new sewage treatment plant was built as well as 6,229 km length of sewage and water pipes constructed in the village Ąžuolų Būda, Kazlų Rūda municipality of Marijampolė county. More than 18 km of water and sewage infrastructure constructed in Olecko (Poland) and technical documentation as well as feasibility study prepared for the renovation of the water and sewage infrastructure in Gusev (Kaliningrad district, Russia). The project implemented by Olecko, Gusev and Kazlų Rūda municipalities will have positive impact on the environment of the cross-border area reducing pollution of underground water and soil pollution in rivers of the region, consequently improving general living conditions of region population.

Trilateral project “Partnership for the protection of waters of the cross-border area of Lithuania, Poland and Russia“ (No ILPR.01.01.00-28-106/10-00) was implemented by Olecko Commune (the Beneficiary, Poland) together with Administration of Kazlų Rūda Municipality (Lithuania) and Administration of Gusev District Municipality (Kaliningrad district, Russia).

On the 30th of October 2014 a seminar “How to save water” was organised in Kazlų Rūda while implementing the project. Aim of the seminar was to identify major challenges in saving of water and improving quality of supplied drinkable water in three partner countries and to share best practices in this field. Participants of the seminar got to know with activities and results of sewage projects implemented in the municipality of Kazlų Rūda, facility for improving of water quality, technological processes and technological advantages. Partners of trilateral project presented during the seminar with progress of preparation of technical documentation in Gusev, implemented activities and achieved project results in Olecko municipality. An ecological drawing contest “How to save water” was organised in the municipality of Kazlų Rūda, where educational institutions of Kazlų Rūda actively took part. Further two seminars “How to safe water” also took place in Olecko and Gusev.

Total budget of the project is 3 667 580 euro, EU grant is 3 300 822 euro.

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