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Marceli Niezgoda, Undersecretary of the State of the Ministry of Regional Development, as well as Jacek Karnowski, mayor of the city of Sopot, signed the first Grant Contract on co-financing within the framework of Cross-border Cooperation Programme Lithuania-Poland-Rusia 2007-2013. The Grant contract was signed for the Large Scale Project aimed at construction and modernization of the precipitation management system connected with the Baltic Sea. The event took place on 21 June 2012 in Sopot.

This first Grant contract within the Programme Lithuania-Poland-Russia 2007-2013 financed from the European Neighbourhood and Partnership Instrument will launch the contracting process of other 59 projects with partners from Lithuania, Poland and Russia. I would like to express my respect to all the Beneficiaries of the Project for proper and thorough preparation of all the necessary application documents – said Marceli Niezgoda, Undersecretary of the State. The remaining projects approved within the first Call for Proposals will be contracted for co-financing at the nearest future. 53 regular projects for 78,6 mln euro and 7 large scale projects for 56.7 mln euro have been chosen within the evaluation procedures for co-financing – added the Undersecretary of the State.    

The Project under the title “Protection of the Baltic coastal water - “NEFA BALT II”” will be granted a co-financing for 7.3 mln euro. The Beneficiary of the Project is the municipality of Sopot and the Partners are the municipality of Tolkmicko (Poland) and municipality of Mamonovo (Russia).

The Project foresees the construction of cumulative collectors in Sopot directing precipitation water further into the Bay of Gdansk, underground retention reservoir in the catchment area of Sopot’s Babidolski stream as well as a new integrated sewage treatment system for the towns of Pogrodzie, Chojnowo, Nowinka and Wodynia. It is also planned to prepare a concept paper for the system of rainwater purification in Mamonovo on the ground of Sopot’s knowledge and organize experience exchange events within the Project.

The implementation of the Project will significantly contribute to the decrease in the contamination of the Bay of Gdansk as well as improve the environment of the territories by the Vistula Lagoon which will consequently affect positively the living conditions of the target territory inhabitants and tourist attractiveness of the region.  

European Neighbourhood and Partnership Instrument is a source for financing European Union Programmes of cooperation with partner countries. There are 15 Cross-border Cooperation Programmes being implemented on the borders of the European Union. The Cross-border Cooperation Programme Lithuania-Poland-Russia 2007-2013 supports cooperation process on the cross-border territory of Lithuania, Poland and Russia. This aim is being achieved by co-financing projects with positive impact on the cross-border regions within the framework of the following measures: sustainable use of environment, accessibility improvement, tourism development, development of human potential by improvement of social conditions, governance and educational opportunities, increasing competitiveness of SMEs and development of the labour market, joint spatial and socio-economic planning.
Each of the projects must fulfill the partnership criteria, i.e. it must be of the following composition: Poland-Russia or Lithuania-Russia or Poland-Lithuania-Russia. The budget of the Programme is 176 mln euro among which 132 mln euro is the European Union contribution and 44 mln euro – the Russian Federation contribution. The Ministry of Regional Development of Poland fulfills the functions of the Joint Managing Authority. 

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The Lithuania – Poland – Russia Programme
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