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The Grant Contract for co-financing the Project under the title “Effective Governance for people” was signed by the JMA (Ministry of Regional Development of Poland) and Civil Registry Office (Agency) of the Kaliningrad region (Russia) acting as Beneficiary on 31 August 2012. The Project was submitted under Priority 2. Promoting the social, economic and spatial development, Measure 2.2 Developing human potential through improving social conditions, governance and educational opportunities. It was granted 1.0 million EURO of co-financing. The duration of the Project is 18 months.

The overall objective of the Project is to guarantee promotion of social interaction between public bodies from the border areas through effective management of human and information resources which will be achieved by means of such a specific objective as upgrading of electronic document management systems in the civil registry offices in the Kaliningrad region (Russia) and Klaipeda region (Lithuania) thus the quality of services provided by the public authorities will be improved. Moreover effective use of human and information resources will facilitate development of cooperation potential on the border areas. The immediate target group of the Project’s results is the employees of two civil registry agencies in Russia and Lithuania, but it will have also a greater impact on its final beneficiaries – residents of the Kaliningrad region and other regions of Russia, the population of Lithuania, Baltic region and other countries.

The Project foresees the following main activities:

1. A start-up conference in Klaipeda (Lithuania) to organize a proper project implementation process in both partner countries and attract attention to the problem from the general public;

2. Preparation of information system technical infrastructure which mainly foresees purchase of equipment with computer hardware for civil registry offices in the Kaliningrad region (Russia), equipping staff working places with several high-performance personal computers and two multifunctional devices;

3. Formation of the informational resource of the civil registry office (Agency) in the Kaliningrad region;

4. Renovation of interiors of the civil registry office in Klaipeda region (Lithuania) to improve working conditions of its employees;

5. Preparation of the report on experience of Lithuanian civil registry office and recommendations for Kaliningrad colleagues;

6. Experience exchange activities between two civil registry offices;

7. Visibility actions.

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