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Grant contract with the project under the title of “Partnership for the protection of waters of the cross-border area of Lithuania, Poland and Russia” was signed by JMA (Ministry of Regional Development of Poland) on 31 August 2012. The lead partner of the project – Olecko Commune (Poland) – put his sign on the document on 11 September 2012 thus finalizing the contracting procedure and declaring the start of the project activities.

This is one of the first infrastructural projects which were awarded with 3.3 million Euros EU grant during the first call for proposals. It was submitted under Priority 1 Contributing to solving common problems and challenges, Measure 1.1 Sustainable use of environment. Construction works of new sewerage and water supply systems in the area of partner municipalities constitute the essential part of the project activities.

The overall idea of the project is to improve the living conditions and standards of life of the population of cross-border area of Lithuania, Poland and Russia in the field of water protection. Project actions will start from the appointment of the steering and technical groups which will in their turns maintain the implementation of the project throughout its duration time. The purpose of appointment of the technical group is the need to establish permanent cooperation between experts who deal with shaping of the water-sewage economy within partner self-government bodies. The effect of cooperation will be the elaboration of recommendations which will serve as the basis for drawing up the Cross-Border Strategy for building sewerage in the partner communes. The common strategy shall cover a long-standing operational and financial plan for building sewage system with indication of best practices, technologies for realization of future investments. The strategy shall contribute to expansion and reproduction of the project results in the future.

The single most important part of the project is the building of technical infrastructure for water protection in the project partner regions. As part of the realized project Olecko Commune (Poland) and Kazlu Ruda Commune (Lithuania) will realize investments whose goal will be to organize the water and sewage economy in the village of Kukowo, Olecko Commune, located on Lake Olecko Małe, and on the Lega River, as well as Azoulu Buda, located on the Szeszupa River, Kazlu Ruda Commune. Meanwhile Administration of Gusev District Municipality (Russia), on the basis of developed and transferred good practices and site visitations in Poland and Lithuania, shall commission and execute the technical documentation of water supply and sewerage systems in 9 places located at the confluence of the Rivers of Pissa, Rominta and Krasnaya. Soft activities aimed on the experience exchange in the matter of water protection and necessary for project promotion visibility measures are also provided by the action plan of the project.

Primarily the results of the project will have positive impact on the environment of the cross-border area consequently improving the general living conditions of their local population. The Project shall also contribute to closer cross-border cooperation of local governments which realize the Project. The experience gained and partnerships made shall facilitate the gaining of reciprocal trust thus wise building the basis for further deepening of cross-border cooperation.

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