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Part II of the project “Baltic Amber Coast. Development of the Cross-border Area through Building up and Modernisation of Tourism Infrastructure” was signed by JMA (Ministry of regional development of Poland) on September 17th 2012. It has been accepted by the Joint Monitoring Committee of the Lithuania-Poland-Russia ENPI Cross-Border Cooperation Programme 2007-2013 and the European Commission under the Priority 2, Measure 2.1 “Tourism development”.

The project was created under the guidance of Administration of "Yantarny Urban District" Municipality (Russia), acting as a beneficiary, and involves four partners – municipal administrations of Nowodworski region of Pomorskie Voevodship (Poland). Total budget of the project makes 1 363 066 Euro, 90% of which were contributed by the EU.

Project will pursue the overall objective of contribution to the development of tourism potential on the territory of the cross-border cooperation programme through improvement of capacity of tourism infrastructure in Yantarny municipality and integration of this district into tourist routes network. It will also promote economic and social development on both sides of the Russian-Polish border in line with Priority 2: pursuing social, economic and spatial development.

Main activities that will be implemented within the project duration include:

1. Construction of a seaside promenade with a pier (the general length of both objects – 2000 metres) in the lagoon in Yantarny. As a result of this activity a wooden promenade and a pier in the lagoon at the beach of Yantarny on the Baltic Sea coast will be built.

2. Development of the Russian part of the “Baltic Amber Coast” touristic study. This activity, presented in two stages of the “Baltic Amber Coast” projects, will help to connect all the elements into one integrated study which will be based on the constructed and modernised tourism infrastructure of all partners, tourist events and other elements (such as local attractions, accommodation, catering, etc.). The study will be elaborated as a result of expert work and joint workshops with participation of representatives of local governments, businesses, tourist organisations and experts.

3. Promotion of the actions through organisation of such massive public events as kick-off and final project conferences, regatta and an open-air feast in Yantarny.

4. Action evaluation and project reporting. All project activities will be subject to continuous evaluation, which will be necessary to verify that the results and the objectives of the action are achieved as planned.

5. Series of visibility measures which will promote both project implementation stage and achieved results.

In consequence of creation of a new tourist infrastructure and elaboration of a new tourist study the number of tourists in the cross-border cooperation area will increase while new businesses and new jobs in tourist industry are expected to be created. This will definitely affect local economic development. Moreover interregional and multisectoral cooperation related to implementation of the tourist study will impact the area of social development since wider population from both sides of the Russian-Polish border will be able to use it.

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