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Grant Contract for 285 890.19 Euro of Lithuania-Poland-Russia ENPI Cross-Border Cooperation Programme co-financing has been countersigned with the Eco-Initiative Association (Poland). Project “CITIZENS WITH ECOINITIATIVE”, submitted under Priority 2 Pursuing social, economic and spatial development, Measure 2.2. Development of human potential by improvement of social conditions, governance and educational opportunities will develop the educational opportunities for the inhabitants of rural areas from Dolne Powiśle, a near-border territory of Poland, and Kaliningrad Oblast of the Russian Federation. Project will be implemented together with Russian partner – non-governmental environmental organization “ECODEFENSE!”.

As experience of Eco-Initiative and Ecodefense shows that rural residents from both sides of the Russian-Polish border, in the Kaliningrad region and in the Dolne Powiśle, do not have sufficient access to ecological education and relevant information on the immediate environmental situation compared to the urban population of these areas. This situation is worsened due to closure of rural schools and cultural centres, insufficient access to the media, absence of retraining centres and lack of environmental development oriented rural non-governmental organizations. Project is destined to improve this complex situation.

During implementation stage partners plan to achieve such specific goals as up and running experience exchange between Poland and Russia in favor of raising the accessibility of socio-ecological education for population of rural areas and created and tested new forms of environmental education uniting ecological and social aspects for arousing the sense of responsibility for environmental condition.

Main activities foreseen within the time limits of the project are as follow:

1. Constant project management through recruiting and training of sustainable project team which will provide proper promotion, reporting and monitoring of each goal-oriented activity.

2. Renovation of the „Zaułek Benowo” community centre (Poland) in order to adapt the building facilities for the educational purposes of the project. Adaptation of land-premise educational garden, which involves planting of trees and shrubs and lawns assumption.

3. Founding the cross-border communication network ‘Citizen with Eco-Initiative Academy’ which will become the base for later thematic workshops’ organization.

4. Series of various training events aimed at creation of the candidates’ pool of instructors/educators of ecological education.

5. Series of rural educational events and educational workshops in order to mobilize the inhabitants of villages to organize themselves and to engage into socio-environmental activity.

6. Publication of materials that will be created in the course of each training activity.

7. Plentiful promotion and visualization plan which encompasses such informational channels as TV, local Polish and Russian media and the Internet.

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