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The Grant Contract regarding implementation of the project “Promotion of international social relations in the Šilalė-Mamonovo municipalities through sport” was signed. Two partners – Administration of Šilalė District Municipality (the Beneficiary, Lithuania) and Municipal Organisational Administration of Mamonovo Town Area (Russia) will implement the project of the Lithuania-Poland-Russia ENPI Cross-Border Cooperation Programme 2007-2013 with a total budget of 2,306,608.26 euro.

The overall objective of the project is to create the opportune environment for population pastime, sports activities and health-building aimed at the strengthening of social relationship of the local societies across the Lithuanian-Kaliningrad region borderland areas, to develop the cooperation network for the proactive operating of different social groups (i. a. youth, disabled, labour force) and the sport exchange activities.

There are two specific objectives of the project:

1. To renovate two sport stadiums: one in Šilalė, one in Mamonovo. The stadium of Šilalė shall be equipped with sport equipment and facilities shall be modernised.

2. To organise international competitions and football camps for schoolchildren. Two groups training courses shall be organised in Šilalė and Mamonovo for persons with complex disabilities.

These objectives will be achieved through the implementation of the following activities:

1. Reconstruction of the municipal stadium in Šilalė, equipment of facilities and acquisition of sport inventory.

2. Reconstruction of the municipal stadium in Mamonovo.

3. Organisation of international sport camp for teenagers in Šilalė with demonstration and familiarisation with different sports types, such as cycling, football, basketball, athletics, orienteering sports, handball, volleyball.

4. Organisation of sport camp for families in Mamonovo including family tournaments of such sport types as mini soccer, athletics, basketball, volleyball.

5. Project publicity, including information on project achievements and sport events in Šilalė and Mamonovo, publication of promotional material and purchase of sport uniforms for family sport games.

6. Organisation of training courses for disabled persons in Šilalė and Mamonovo.

7. Organisation of the final conference of the project.

It is expected that after the implementation of the project two municipalities - Šilalė and Mamonov – will have improved conditions for organization of international sport events, the cooperation will be continued between both municipalities, and coachers/ trainers. The project will have an impact for better integration of disabled into society and promoting the different sport activities for schoolchildren, youth and their parents.

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