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The Grant Contract for the EU co-financing of the project primarily aimed on development of sport infrastructure of the programme area was signed. The title of the project clearly appoints its objectives, actions and partners – “Sport education on cross-border territory – preparation and building of sports stadiums in Ketrzyn Community and Ozyorsk”.

The project units the efforts of Kętrzyn Community (Poland) acting as the beneficiary and of Administration of Municipality of Ozyorsk Area (Russia), as a Partner. The overall objective of the project is focused on the improvement of cross-border sport education of the residents of two partner regions through increased access to the sport facilities, broader sport-educational offer and well-qualified sport staff. Partners plan to implement soft and infrastructural project activities during next 24 months. They will receive total financing of 649,094.16 Euro, 90 % of which sum will be provided by the EU.

Main activities scheduled for implementation are as follow:

1. Organization of the international one-day seminar and kick-off conference in Kętrzyn (Poland). Both events will declare the opening of the project, reveal its goals, activities and implementation schedule.

2. Modernization of the sports field/football pitch and creation of the cloakroom and sanitary facilities in Lazdoje (Kętrzyn District of Poland).

3. Preparation of the technical documentation for the renovation of the sport school and construction of the football pitch in Ozyorsk (Russia).

4. Organization of the study visit and workshops on different sports types for the physical education teachers, sport trainers and instructors in Kętrzyn and Ozyorsk Districts.

5. Organization of the sport lessons and workshops for children, teenagers and adults from Kętrzyn Community and Ozyorsk municipal district.

6. Organization of the sports competitions/tournaments for children, teenagers and adults in Kętrzyn and Ozyorsk.

7. Official opening of the football pitch and organization of the international football tournament in Lazdoje.

8. Organization of integrated meeting dedicated to the closing of the project.

Project’s events and achievements will be promoted during the whole period of its implementation through mass media and Internet. The European Commission’s financial support for the project will be declared in promotional and informational materials which will be widely distributed among the participants during events. Results of the project should have long term impact. Better qualified sport teachers will successfully work with the oncoming generation propagating the importance of physical education. New stadium in Lazdoje will be accessible for great masses of the local population whereas the new football pitch will raise the quality of football competitions on the new higher level. After project finalization Administration of Municipality of Ozyorsk Area will be able to launch renovation and construction works in the district based on technical documentation developed during the project

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