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One of the basic problems which the medicine of the two border regions of the Programme – the Kaliningrad region of Russia and the Warmia-and-Mazurian Voivodeship of Poland – is facing is the problem of providing their population with high-technology treatment performed by the highly qualified skillful medical personnel. The project under the title of “High Quality Surgery over Borders” was designed to solve this problem. Its beneficiary – Regional Clinical Hospital of the Kaliningrad region (Russia) – will receive the grant amount of 2 000 000.00 Euro from the ENPI CBC Lithuania-Poland-Russia Programme 2007-2013 for implementation of the project. Total budget of the Action equals to 2 222 222.22 Euro because it also includes 10% of Beneficiary’s own funds.

The Kaliningrad Clinic Hospital engaged into the project three more partners - Medical Department of Immanuel Kant Baltic Federal University (Russia) and University Hospital and Medical Department of University of Warmia and Mazury (Poland).

The overall objective of the project is the creation of the transboundary system of education and advanced training for surgeons in the Programme area. During the period of project implementation (24 months) first steps for reaching this objective will be made – construction and equipment of the transboundary educational centers for surgeons in Kaliningrad (Russia) and Olsztyn (Poland).

Main activities which are scheduled for implementation are as following:

1) Preparatory stage includes establishment of the working bodies, creation of the project’s management system, development of the technological projects of the integrated educational centres, organization of the kick-off conference in Kaliningrad.

2) Activities opening the transboundary educational centers include preparation and carrying out of tender procedures for purchasing of medical equipment and creation of the material and technical base for the centers – renovation of the premises to accommodate the Transboundary Educational Centres, installation of the medical equipment, furnishing of classrooms, providing installed equipment with necessary software and facility commissioning. This set of activities will be finalized with organization of the intermediate conference coincided with the launching of the Center in Olsztyn (Poland).

3) Next set of activities will  ensure the smooth operation of each Center. It includes teaching of the trainer and specialists of the Centres to operate the training equipment, preparation and implementation of training programmes for pilot groups of students and doctors, organization of the final conference in Kaliningrad (Russia) to report the results of the project.

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