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The Ministry of finance of the Kaliningrad region (Russia) submitted the project by the title “Good governance and cooperation - response to common challenges in public finance” under measure 2.2 – Development of human potential by improvement of social conditions, governance and educational opportunities. This project was approved by the JMA (the Ministry of regional development of Poland) and the Grant Contract for the allocation of EU co-financing was finally signed on 21 November 2012. Apart from the ministry of finance of the Kaliningrad region acting as the beneficiary of the project, partners from Poland – the municipalities of Gdansk and Gdynia – are also involved into the project implementation. The amount of grant is 1,149,060.85 Euro. The beneficiary and its partners shall contribute 10% to make the total budget of the action 1,276,734.27 Euro.

Project will last 24 months pursuing the overall objective of contributing to the economic and social development of territories by better quality of public finance management through achievement of the specific objective to increase public finance management’s effectiveness.

The main problem in the sphere if public finance government right now is the need for constant improvement of management techniques in order to face common challenges in public finance. Financial managers and staff of regional and municipal authorities and public organization of Russia and Poland were defined as the target group of the project. After the finalization of the project’s activities, the population of all involved regions (which is more than 1.5 million people including 940 thousand in the Kaliningrad region, 450 thousand of Gdansk and 250 thousand of Gdynia) will benefit from its activities.

The main activities that will be realised during the implementation stage of the project are:

1. Introduction/improvement of long term financial planning including analytical researches on the topic, one study tour for Russian representatives to Poland for discussion of the Polish experience with the problem, installation of necessary software on regional and municipal levels and organization of the conference later to report the results. Polish partners will prepare a long term financial forecast and report on the existing practices in the field of financial planning.

2. Independent public examination of the laws and regulations in the area of financial management and budgeting including several analytical researches on the problem, preparing the web-guidelines, organization of one study tour for Russian representatives to Poland to learn from the experience of public feedback building, publication of good practices of external audit of local government units’ financial reports in all languages of the project.

3. Introductions of more transparent presentation of budgetary expenditures in the form of Register of spending liabilities.

4. Development of program-oriented method as one of the key economic instruments including organization of analytical research on the problem, organization of one study tour for Russian representatives to Poland to exchange experience in project management, organization of two training workshops on the topic and development of software for drafting of the programs on regional and municipal levels.

5. Monitoring of financial management system including the development of guidelines and methodologies for assessing the financial condition and quality of financial management in municipalities of the Kaliningrad region (Russia), one study tour for Russian representatives to Poland for experience exchange and implementation of the management control system in the area of finance in Gdansk (Poland).

6. Organization of trainings for partners’ financial staff and public servants.

7. Development of IT tools and purchase of equipment mainly for using the software application for loan portfolio management in Gdynia (Poland).

8. Implementation of modern forms of public service provision including development of statistic software and conducting of 4 workshops for employees of public institutions to improve the financial and managerial accounting.

9. Capital investment planning, including organization of the study tour for Russian representatives to Poland for experience exchange and development of software on consolidating the data on capital investment received from municipalities.

10. Development and unification of the Public Private Partnership system.

11. Establishing of transparent, competitive, fair and effective system of budgetary procurement in the Kaliningrad region (Russia) including organization of 8 workshops on the topic for experience exchange.

12. Collection a library of literature on public finance in order to promote and improve the quality of knowledge about its functioning.

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