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The Ministry of Regional Development of the Republic of Poland acting as the Joint Managing Authority of the Lithuania-Poland-Russia ENPI CBC Programme 2007-2013 together with the Tauragė District Municipality Administration countersigned the project aimed for perpetuation of the common Lithuanian-Russian historical events. The project “Creation of Tourist Route from the Tilsit Peace Treaty of 1807 to the Convention of Tauroggen of 1812” is fully related to the preservation of history of the remarkable years of the Napoleon age in the region of the Programme. The total budget of the project is 2 888 888.89 Euro including 90 percent of the EU contribution which equals to 2 600 000.00 Euro. The project will be implemented during the next 24 months by the Tauragė District Municipality Administration (Lithuania) and its partner the Administration of Sovetsk City District (Russia).

The overall objective of the project is to preserve, renew and adopt for tourist needs the common historical and cultural heritage of Lithuania and the Kaliningrad region (Russia) as well as to increase local and international tourist flows. Project foresees the restoration of international historical monuments important for both states and creation of tourism infrastructure connected with the memorials. The specific objective of the project consists in creation of the international tourist route which after renewal of the monuments will unite them to satisfy the tourists’ cultural-historical, cognitive and recreational needs making cross-border towns attractive for visitors. Besides, after implementation of the project’s activities and achievement of the project goal, the residents of Lithuania and the Kaliningrad region shall be provided with the opportunity to get acquainted with the neighboring state‘s cross-border territory and its history, culture and traditions.

Main project activities are as follow:

1. Purchase of office equipment and furnishing for the project staff at the local office in Sovetsk (Russia).

2. Construction and restoration of the monument for Queen Louise of Prussia in Jakobsruh park in Sovetsk (Russia) and landscaping of the central avenue from the entrance to the monument with installation of benches and light poles.

3. Construction of the memorial sign “The Napoleon’s lime tree” followed by the landscaping of the surrounding grounds and reconstruction of the fragments of the historical raft in Sovetsk (Russia).

4. Development of tourist objects’ infrastructure in Sovetsk through establishment of tourist route “Along the Road of the Tilsit Peace” consisting of 11 memorable sites of interest, manufacturing and installation of the open-air layout of the Tilsit town in 1807 and production of the route map.

5. Promotion of the tourist objects in Sovetsk through organisation of international ceremonial procession on the newly created tourist route, carrying out of the international research and practice conference and a temporary exhibition “From the Tilsit Peace Treaty up to the Tauroggen Convention”, development and publication of bilingual tourist guidebook describing the route as well as production of souvenirs, booklets and posters with historical content.

6. Construction of a pedestrian-cyclist bridge across the Jūra River in Tauragė (Lithuania).

7. Construction of a cycle path from the Jūra River in Tauragė to Lauksargiai village (Lithuania).

8. Improvement of surrounding infrastructure of the Tauroggen Convention monument in Tauragė district (Lithuania) including construction of parking lot for 15 cars, building of a bridge across the Ežeruona River and asphalt paving of the adjoined road.

9. Restoration of the base of the Tauroggen Convention monument in Staiginė village (Lithuania).

10. Organisation of two conferences – in the beginning of the project and, at the end of it – in Tauragė district (Lithuania).

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