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The project aimed at the reconstruction of several public recreational areas in Poland and Russia “Improvement of public areas' infrastructure to increase tourism attractiveness in the cross-border region” was signed by the Joint Managing Authority of the ENPI CBC Lithuania-Poland-Russia Programme on 02 January 2013. It was elaborated by the administration of Suwałki town (Poland) and submitted for approval under measure 2.1 – tourism development. During the 18-month implementation stage Suwałki administration plans to integrate the efforts of two Russian partners - Administration of the municipal entity "Chernyakhovsk Urban Settlement” and Administration of Guryevskiy Municipal District. They are expecting to receive the grant amount of 1,850,272.61 Euro and invest 10% of their own funds so that the total budget of the action will constitute 2,055,858.46 Euro.

According to the beneficiary’s application the unsatisfactory level of the tourist infrastructure in the partner cities makes the development of tourism in the cross-border region very difficult and limits the number of potential tourists visiting the area. The overall objective of the project is the promotion of sustainable development of the cross-border tourism by way of preparing of infrastructure for cross-border tourism and creation of places for holding of different public events (open-air concerts, exhibitions, festivals, town days, historical reenactments and others) on the territory of the Polish-Lithuania-Russian cross-border cooperation.

The main target groups of the project include visiting tourists, local community representatives who use cultural and tourist infrastructure of three partner municipal regions. Areas that are planned to be reconstructed and developed within the project time limits (the European Square in Suwałki (Poland), city park in Chernyakhovsk (Russia) and city park in Guryevsk (Russia)) will serve as an important places for organization of national and international public events. After project realization reconstructed and developed public facilities will be available for all interested persons both local inhabitants and international visitors not excepting the disabled persons.

Main activities of the project are as follow:

1. Organization of tender procedures in Suwałki (Poland) to select subcontractor for reconstruction of the European Square.

2. Organization of tender procedures in Chernyakhovsk (Russia) in order to select the subcontractor for reconstruction of the city park.

3. Organization of tender procedures in Guryevsk (Russia) for selection of the most profitable executor who will prepare the project documentation for reconstruction of local city park.

4. Carrying out of reconstruction works at the European Square in Suwałki (2nd stage) – reconstruction of the pedestrian street and parking surface, bicycle paths, road pavement, rainwater system and sewage system, street lightning and signaling, installation of the elements of “small architecture” – bicycle stands, waste-baskets, stone benches etc.

5. Reconstruction works at the city park in Chernyakhovsk including preparatory and excavation works, reconstruction of sidewalks, playground for children, construction of small decorative elements, planting of greenery.

6. Preparation of the project documentation for the reconstruction of a city park in Guryevsk – development of strategy for tourism development in the area, preparation of the topographic and geological surveys, development of concept and design estimates of the city park “Friendship”.

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